Time Management-Part 3

Part III: Successful Meetings

Week three in our series on time management. This week some tips for successful meetings.

1. Ask the question “Is this meeting really necessary?” By the way MOST aren’t!

2. Choose a good time for the meeting Pick odd times that will not interfere with the regular flow of business. Early morning, late afternoon, and during the lunch hour are good times.

3. Start and stop the meeting on time. All meetings should have a set time and all participants should be told the length in advance. If the meeting is scheduled for one hour from 8AM to 9AM then start the meeting at 8:00 AM SHARP and keep track of time so that the meeting ends at exactly 9AM or before.

4. Have a three dimensional agenda. The agenda should include topics, the person responsible, and a time limit. Agenda’s should be passed out in advance.

6. NO interruptions, NO food or beverage, NO telephone. The meeting should be important enough that no interruptions will be allowed.

7. Hold STAND-UP Meetings. It really works to keep meetings short and to the point.

8. For meetings outside the station, try to send a representative in your place. Another thing you can do is attend only the portion of the meeting that relates to YOU. And finally, use more conference calls when possible. They’re quicker and often times more effective.

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